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The Shuga Leave-In Conditioner has a lightweight but super effective formula. The moisturizing and detangling agents will not weigh down the hair, even fine hair. In addition, it will not leave a greasy or product feel to the hair. We love how well it works to detangle and moisturize all hair textures, but fine hair usually needs some help in the snaggly and tangle department. 


Most leave-in conditioners are ONLY put in the hair when the hair is wet. But, our formula is very unique. Our dry leave-in conditioner can be sprayed in the hair whenever you need it!

Use 1: Apply the product BEFORE SHAMPOOING to break down other hair products and a more enjoyable shampoo experience. 

Use 2: You can also apply the product to WET hair after washing before styling to lightly detangle. 

Pro tip: Your hair is the most delicate when your hair is wet, so ripping through your tangled hair (especially wigs, weaves, and extensions) wet can cause LOTS of damage! Rather than pull through your hair, we recommend you use our leave-in conditioner to detangle more efficiently without causing any stress to your gorgeous hair. SWEET DEAL!!

Use 3: You can use this product BEFORE YOU HEAT STYLE with either a blowdryer, flat iron, or curling iron. This product is lightweight enough to use as a heat protectant on DRY hair. 

Use 4: You can use this product to FINISH any style, giving you beautiful shine and control. You basically want to use this product ANYTIME YOU PUT A BRUSH TO YOUR HAIR. 

Pro tip: When you're finished styling, spray on Shuga Hair Spray to hold your beautiful style in place. Next, for a hydrated + workable hold, finish your styling routine by spraying in our Leave-In Conditioner.

Use 5: AT NIGHT before you go to sleep, do you brush your hair? We recommend you do this! BEFORE you do, simply spray in our yummy smelling Leave-In and brush through your hair. As you do this, you'll be breaking down heavy hair products from the day. Gently detangle the day snarls away before you wrap your hair up in a scarf, or pull it loosely into a low pony with a satin scrunchie. Then, IN THE MORNING, you will spray and brush through again to lightly detangle from sleeping and prep your hair for restyling. We almost forgot, wait until you smell this stuff! It is also a great REFRESHER!

Because EVERYONE deserves a great hair day. Every day. So who does this product work best for? 

Curly or straight, fine or frizzy, color-treated or natural, even wigs, extensions, and weaves. If you can name it, Shuga can tame it. 

You got it! Just about everyone.

  1. Fine hair that likes to tangle and snarl 
  2. Parents that don't want to fight their kids to detangle their hair. 
  3. People who wear Wigs, Weaves, or Extensions need a moisturizing maintenance product that doesn't build up on the hair. 
  4. Blonde or highlighted hair that needs some extra moisture can be fragile when brushing or combing. 
  5. Naturally curly hair that needs detangling and restyling in between washes. 
  6. Chemically or Color-treated hair that is brittle or fragile. 

In short, if you don't have a product that you can literally use every time you go to brush your hair, then without further ado, meet our Queen Bee - Our best-selling non-silicone leave-in conditioner that loves every hair type. It is light and easy to apply. It detangles, softens, protects, and gives your locks a luscious, weightless shine.

Just spray and slay!

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