We love hearing your Shuga stories!

“I have been using all kinds of mousses and have not found one that will give my straight oily hair body and fullness…until I tried your mousse!!!

It lasts all day long and doesn’t make it limp. I LOVE IT! It’s fabulous!!”

– Jennifer, TX

“Shuga is the first hairspray that makes styling my hair so easy. I love how once you spray it holds your hair how you want it without having to keep adding more hairspray. There is no flaking and it smells great.”

– Leticia, Chicago IL 

“Love the cream gel. I have a full head of naturally curly hair. This stuff works great in it. Love the smell!!”

– Patricia, Los Angles 

“I have thick course FRIZZY hair. My stylist used Shuga aerosol Leave in Conditioner on my hair. First product I have found that was light but smoothed the frizzies without an oily feeling!”

– Glenda, Orange County

“I have been using the Shuga Leave-in Conditioner for about 4-5 months. I have never had one hair care product work so beautifully on my hair.

I have naturally curly, frizzy, thin hair. I live in Texas, so humidity is a natural enemy when attempting to achieve a smooth, frizz-free look. I have tried numerous products, some together and some alone.

I use a professional-style hair dryer and hot iron, to smooth out my hair. Shuga is the only product that has ever made this a pain-free and relatively quick process. My hair feels soft and healthy all day, and I can often skip a day of washing my hair.

Thank you for such an awesome product and caring for our hair.”

– Michelle, TX

“I tried Shuga Leave in Conditioner and fell in love. I can’t wait to start using all the other products…THE BEST!!!!!”

– Raquel, Indianapolis 

“I recently visited a friend in Sugarland, TX and we went to the local mall to the Visible Changes Salon to have a girl’s afternoon. We had such a great time and I loved the way my hair turned out. The girl who set my hair used the Shuga creme gel and I love it!”

– Suzanne, OH

“I fell in love with your product! This product is for me! Just wanted to say I love your leave in conditioner smell. The product is amazing!”

– Rose, Naperville IL 

“LOVE IT!! I’ve tried two different products and adore them both. It’s nice to have a good hair day everyday!”

– Erin, Ohio

“While in San Antonio earlier in the summer I had high lights/low lights on my hair at Visible Changes.
They recommended Shuga hair products. I have not found anything for my bleached hair that compares to these products. Thank you so much.”

– Delma, Georgia 

“Being an ex-cosmetologist I have had the advantage in trying multiple products on my hair. Fine in texture and a natural toe head. I have been using Shuga for a few months now and have notice a considerable difference in how my hair looks and feels, healthy, great shine and a lot easier to manage a style.

In addition, I ride a motorcycle and depending on the length of my hair at the time it is not always tied back. The tangles generally just fall out within a short period of time. It is one of the best products for my hair type that I have ever come across. I would highly recommend this protect especially for women who ride.”

– Leslie, Dallas TX 

“I am using Shug Gel Creme. It’s wonderful!”

– Caren, New York 

“I love your products so much! They all work very well!”

– Suzette, Louisiana

“I love this product! I have curly/wavy hair that needs a little something whether I wear it curly or blow dry it straight…and simply put, this product is light enough and does so well I absolutely LOVE it! I share it with all my friends, and my hairdresser hears praises every time I see her for recommending the product.”

– Purvi, San Franciso 

“Shuga Gel Creme works well with my naturally curly hair. My stylist introduced your product to me and I LOVE it!”

– Sandra, New Jersey 

“I have hair that gets completely unbearable and frizzy in the humidity. Now, I use your gel creme and I can get through ANY type of weather with absolutely GORGEOUS hair!! I am addicted and canNOT live without it. I’ve told all of my friends about it too.”

– Teresa, Brooklyn 

“I fell in love with the product while I was in Houston Texas for a wedding and brought it home.”

– Karen, Florida

“I wear my hair straight but it is naturally curly. After blowing it out and then using a flat iron on it my hair is dryer than usual (usual being dry anyways). My hair feels so soft when I use Shuga products. I haven’t found anything– and I’ve tried many products– that makes my hair feel so good. Thank you.”

– Nicole, Phoenix 

“I love your Dressy Mist and Stay Ariella products! They are the BEST!”

– Karen, Delaware 

“I love love love your Shuga Hairspray!!!!”

– Esmerelda, Chicago 

“I had the great opportunity of trying the Shuga shampoo and conditioner, after having done the Brazilian straightening treatment. I am so so happy with your products”

– Claudia, Houston 

“I came across your product while on vacation in Texas. I fell in love. We bought the leave in aerosol conditioner and I wish I had bought everything offered. Great product!”

– Jacklyn, Michigan 

“I have been bleaching out my hair of and on for the past 9 or 10 yrs and when my salon started carrying Shuga I totally fell in love with the product. I use the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-conditioner and Stay. I had gone to Florida this summer for a week and left my leave-in-conditioner and freaked out. I had some one go to my house and over night it to me. I had the worst 2 days until I got my product. I use it in my hair while wet and before I flat iron my hair. I call it my miracle in a can. I thank you for making this awesome product.”

– Crystal,  New York 

“My hair and scalp was a mess after the birth of my baby. It was painfully damaged and dry. My hairdresser suggested Shuga and I haven’t had a single issue since! I Love Shuga!”

– Michele, Chicago 

“My hair was feeling very dry after a cruise where the sun was pretty intense. My colorist, Henry, used Shuga Leave-in Conditioner on my hair and it feels like silk, even the next day.”

– Nancy, New York 

“My hair feels & looks the healthiest it’s ever been… and I’ve only been using your product for 2 weeks. My mom introduced me to your aerosol conditioner when she gave it to me as a gift. I’m hooked.”

– Heidi, Boston 

“I LOVE SHUGA! I use Leave-in Conditioner and I can’t live without it. I recently ran out, and noticed my hair felt coarse and dry. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone. It smells amazing!”

– Kelli,  Connecticut 

“The BEST product ever made. It has a great smell and it’s addicting. The product leaves your hair looking shiny, soft, and manageable. It truly works…one strand at a time.”

– Jennifer, Philadelphia 

“Bought a can of the leave in conditioner and LOVE it! It makes my hair so soft and healthylooking! I am ordering more! THANKS!!”

– Corpus Christi, TX