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for all hair types

including wigs, weaves, and extensions


penetrates cuticles

7x better 

UV/ heat protectant

for healthy hair & wigs


never tested on animals

high performance

moisture, control, volume

“Hair is fashion. Fashion is change.”

“Change means being today and sometimes tomorrow. Nothing dates us more than our hairstyle. It must remain current, reflecting where society is and who we are at the moment. For me, the hairstyle is the most creative way of expressing who we are and who we hope to be.”



Born in SOHO, NYC...


SHUGA is known as an intimate company and respected as one of the leading innovators in hair care formulation with a rich history spanning 40+ years that has stood the test of time. The Shuga Hair Care line consists of eight boutique retail products which have only been available exclusively to the professional salon market until now!  


All products are loaded with SHUGA Complex™: Yogurt proteins, natural plant and milk sugars to promote moisture and styleability. Shuga Repairs & Protects with Moisture Binding Yogurt & Plant Sugars. The amino acids in the yogurt have a small molecular weight & are able to penetrate the hair cuticle without weighing it down. After penetrating, these amino acids form a continuous, protective layer on the hair, sealing & improving hair's gloss and texture. Perfect for weaves & extensions!  

Born in SOHO, New York... Shuga was created by 2 innovative beauty industry leaders with careers that spanned well over 60 years. In 1981, the New York salon opened at 433 W Broadway in SOHO, New York. John Dellaria (1936-2016) mentored thousands of hairdressers, who adored him and found inspiration in his approach: matching the hairstyle to the person. “Before you look at their hair, see the individual and decide what will make that person look and feel attractive.” His passion led him to be a celebrity hair stylist, national platform artist, and landed him regular top-fashion magazine features. Joe Tucci opened up national distribution with their first product line Ariella and then officially launched SHUGA in 2006. 

A new era...

Dana Fountain joined the Shuga team as our national education director in 2009 and partnered as co-owner of Shuga in 2019. Dana strives to continue the Shuga legacy and keep it relative to today's market by making Shuga available online, and easing the ordering process. Shuga is now available for purchase online across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and more. With 40+ years of engineering by real hairstylists, Shuga proves to stand the test of time.